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    Default wtb holy burst greatsword of bloodletting

    I don't dabble in crafting too much otherwise I'd just build myself one. If there are any crafters who could build me one, send me a price estimate. Sword has to be around level 10-12 range, so enhancement cant be too high. Thank you!

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    you can't craft bloodletting last time i checked
    PS: Greensteel RUINED the game! and you all know it!
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    Looks like holy burst can't be made unbound right now. So I'd recommend holy, plus, since bloodletting isn't available neither as mentioned before, another suffix like maiming, bleeding, pure good, etc...

    You can use this planner here to look what's available:

    You can also bring a weapon blank of a special metal type like cold-iron, silver, etc.

    I can craft you the wanted shards and charging 200 plat per essence or give me the amount of essences needed.
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