I'm really struggling to figure out how to arrange my gear. I have been away for a while, and am not entirely sure of the new gear out there. Note there are some odd choices...

The character is a 18/2 Pally/Fighter Tank. Trying to eke as much tankage and dps out of him as possible. Running in Legendary Dreadnaught/Unyielding Sentinel.

Head: Helm of Frost (dexterity)
Neck: Stalwart Necklace (was once a Stalwart)
Trinket: Brawns Spirit (good luck +2)
Cloak: Envenomed Cloak (heavy fort)
Belt: Greater False Life / Displace Clickies
Ring: Cinders (+2 str)
Ring: Ring of the Stalker
Gloves: Charged Gauntlets
Boots: Boots of Corrosion
Bracers: Scorched Bracers (toughness)
Armour: Dragon Touched (10% / 20% Healing Amp)
Goggles: Concordant Opposition (+45hp) / Tharnes Goggles
Shield: Epic Elite Bastion
Main Weapons: Epic Elemental Great Axe of Fire / Chimera's Fang / Holy Burst Greater Bane Bastard Swords and Falchions

In the bank:
All the pieces for an Antique Great Axe
Bracers of Twisted Shade (epic normal)
Treads of Falling Shadow (epic normal)
Purple Dragon Helm
Purple Dragon Gauntlets
Purple Dragon Armour
6% Double Strike Gloves


So, I know that I should be getting the claw set, a new tod ring and SOS - they are projects in motion. But for now, how can I arrange my gear, slot with new augments, and buy new gear off the AH to get the best out of my character? i.e. Could I please have advice on what to do with the current gear set up, as well as any future goals.

I'm hesitant to buy more augments with the new system coming out? (I could do with protection and natural armour).

I was trying to fit the PDK set in, but couldn't wrangle it...

Shouldn't we all be trying to fit 6% double strike gloves? I would've thought that would be more dps bonus than anything else?

Really appreciate it if you can give me a hand.