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A big apology from the greater majority of the DDO Community ...

... and learn how most in the community like to play this game....

I have found that the majority in the community play to RPG strategies (as DDO is a RPG), which is why you and I came to this game in the first place. The whole "no roles" crowd is a super-small minority in this community...

i politely and respectfully disagree with your assessment of the game's community. there is a large number of people with some degree of self sufficiency...some people splashing this and that to try and tweak their character to give them fun abilities... then at the far ends of either spectrum you have the minorities... the super-uber power player who's build is tuned to the max for every imaginable outcome who can solo a dungeon with one hand tied behind their back, and at the other end, the dedicated 'role' player who will have a rogue light on the strength but super high intelligence and they never blow a trap, or a cleric without a single offensive spell because they just heal and they hold a mace because of the spell power benefit it gives them.

Snootch, you fall in the latter category. there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. that is what you enjoy. that is how you enjoy the game. but you are not the majority. and to try to pass yourself off as such in your advice posts is deceptive and detrimental to someone who may want to try a different play-style experience

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You have probably already seen players who don't understand better play strategies ("There is no such thing as a back line; the world is flat; and the sun revolves around me. Everyone operating from the back line do not exist."), and you can see how they operate in-game and on the Forums.

altho in most quests "stand in the back" can be a viable strategy for a static group working as a team in the playstyle you enjoy... i am curious what tactics your team uses when dealing with creatures with random agro and teleportation, like green devils. not an angry challenge of you and your playstyle... just honest curiosity how you handle such a deadly opponent.

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From what I have read, the only people to have responded to the original post properly, stayed on topic, and understood the points were FireLord1230 and StefferWeffer. Check out more of what they have written, as they represent some of the good guys in this community. The other stuff amounts to what you can see with your own eyes: the stuff that brought you to the New Player Advice & Guidance forum in the first place.

i think i am slightly offended. i have been nothing but nice in this thread, and even agreed with some of your points and expounded upon them. i have given advice to multiple aspiring bards and rogues (my two favorite classes) over the years, both to fill "multi-purpose" role builds and purpose-build specific role builds. please don't lump me in with those you consider 'abusive' simply because i have said "no, i disagree." as i was able to do so with civility and well-made points.

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Check out my characters, who are not Anonymous, and learn how most in the community like to play this game...

no offense intended, but when i check your posts, you have in the past advocated playing a rogue with 8 con, and a barb with 8 str. neither are particularly good ideas, even for a static team that works well together, and it is advice like that which has made you a laughingstock with a large number of posters. please consider that.