The Council of Village Idiots is actively recruiting.

Be forewarned. This is the guild of Therigar, Doofus and Ruh Roh Shaggy. Up until now it has been a closed guild for just me, my family and a friend of my son. And, neither my daughter nor my son's friend are presently playing while my son almost never plays. That means it is just me.

The guild is only L39 and doesn't have much to show. But, it is a home for people who others might view as Village Idiots as well as those who want to have fun without feeling the need to always be uber or elitist.

Being uber and elitist is alright in moderation, but not all the time.

OTOH, being and having fun is required all of the time.

If interested send me a PM here on the forums or look for Tangledroots or Ruh Roh as these are the two characters I'm playing the most right now.