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    Post Alive is recruiting!

    Looking for 3 specific players, who:

    - friendly, and loyal
    - want to be in a very small guild
    - experienced in most of the game content
    - play at least 2-3 hours every day (mainly on EU time evening)
    - focus on endcontent, more than TR-ing, but at the moment on a long TR train
    - not scared to lowman anything
    - also build-efficient as possible
    - age: 25+ (we are 30+); mostly laid back attitude, we aren't younglings anymore

    PM here or send a tell ingame (toons in my sig)

    P.S.: atm lv60
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    Androgun, Arcane (Wiz 3x, Sorc 3x, Fvs 1x 7/10 lives)
    [Saturus, 8 years old toon (Pal 1x, Ftr 1x, Mnk 3x, Rog 1x), Exterminus (Wiz 1x, Fvs 2x, Sorc 1x): on Thelanis.]
    Improvisative play preferred. No VC, because i just don't care by different reasons + honestly sometimes just need to focus anywhere else too, as i'm not the 'gnome at the basement' type 24/7-er.
    2006-2009 EU Aureon-Keeper; 2009-2013 US Thelanis; 2013- US Ghallanda;
    Founder/Namegiver: formerly Eternal Infinity (Thelanis), presently
    Older melee 'fame': Zawabi raid solo (mod6)+(a 'bit later' in US), old Elite DA solo, VoD solo (2011), Titan raid 4 mins shortman (2011?), ToD melee duo (2012)
    Some growing Solo Achievements (EE/Raids/Max lv. Challenges; no death/no reenter/no hire/little resources)
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