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To get more participation on llama

Give TP for participating, but somehow tie it to completion of content and surveys.

100 TP for completing the first new quest. TP given upon completing a form at a feedback site. Need a good amount of sweetner to pull people in and go thro the effort of accessing llama.

30 TP for completing other new quests for the first time (after completing the very first quest for 50 TP).

10 TP for quest repeations, up to a max of 5 times.

Whatever the numbers most make sense to add up to, I'd wonder if 250-500 TP would be time well spent for giving new content a go in a reasonable amount of time (4-10 hours?). Enough gametime for a lot of feedback.

Real $ we equate with TP is really only programming changes to Turbine ($ for development cost of course).

If and how it could be done from a progamming standpoint? Might just be impossible.

Would be nice I think for many folks. I'm grateful and lucky to have no issue with VIP and additional TP expenditure, but I know many a great folk who do.
I agree this would help them get testing down and aviod bugs, but I doubt they will every do it. They prob. think lost profits they do not have to give up by having them test it on live for while people pay for the product. The question is do they lose more profits from unhappy customers vs saving a buck to put out a lesser quality product. Even thoug I have to points given to you at the end the quest after filling out a survey. Simple survey asking you do you enjoy the quest, what did you like, what did you not like, any bugs, and so on. One time event of course, each survey and quest complete earn you something like 15 short quest, 25 Medium quest, and 35 for Long quest. To me these small rewards for helping them build a better product are needed.