Hello, I have a dwarf bard14/fighter6/commoner5 (warchanter2, kensei 1) character. I'm specced in dwarven axes (as much as 6 levels of fighter allows) off handing Celestia for set, and mosty play as buff and self healing DPS in LD destiny.

Today I bought red dragonscale armor, and I think this is good opportunity to update my other gear a bit.

Goggles: Tharne's goggles
Helm: PDK vendor
Neck: Kilau's
Trinket: planar focus of prowess (con+8 or con +3)
Cloak: mineral 2 GS
Gloves: PDK vendor
Boots : air guard GS
Rings: kilau's (with 20% healing amp), epic stalker (T3 with +1 con in colorless slot)
Belt: Knost's belt
Bracers: random generated +1str of parrying +4
Armor: Cormyrian Red Dragonscale

I carry kilau's because I couldn'f find encrusted. I'm planning to replace random bracers with GS, and GS cloak with challenge cloak, once they will open challenges.

here is link to your ddo page: http://ddocrafting.info/myddo/ghallanda/turbokrasnal/

I would appreciate any advices and opinions (detailed describions are especially welcome). I'm asking about thinks that should/could be replaced with something better, to increase DPS and survivability. Also, I'm looking for a place to fit healing spell power and blue slot with +14PRR once update comes. I own all adventure packs, and I can grind for a gear.

Thanks in advance! ^^