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    Default returning to DDO Rogue Pally Build

    only have 28 point F2P ATM was wondering a good THF build that can solo decently?gonna go Human or Dwarf. any help would be greatly appreciated?

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    Default good build

    Hey what is the class mix of your build 18/2? 14/6? 12/8?

    I am working on updating my survivalist build and should have on the exact numbers soon, but currently it is 12 Rogue/6 pally/2 Ftr.

    Basically 15,15,15,10,10,12, but could be a THF and drop TWF and dexand those points add to char.

    Can do any EE trap and Chest, enough UMD for Rez, Heal, teleport, and fireshield scrolls, 130 AC, 100 PRR, all saves in mid 40's to low 50's, improved evasion, Max intimidate, high hate, and currently dual wielding khopesh's.

    Feats: Tough, TWFx3, Khopesh, Cleave, Great Cleave, Power Attack, Shield Mastery, Improved Shield Mastery, Overwhelming Crit, and Improved Crit Slashing.

    In Epic Destinies Unyielding Sentinel really drives it home with the added benifits of that destiny, and in groups that don't need a tank, I switch him to Dreadnaught Destiny, in which his DPS is Awesome.

    The only thing that would really push the build better would be some crowd control. So, if you went THF and took Improved Trip or Stunning Blow that would be nice. HP in Destinies are around 1000 hp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadus79 View Post
    only have 28 point F2P ATM was wondering a good THF build that can solo decently?gonna go Human or Dwarf. any help would be greatly appreciated?
    There's an 18/2 build linked in my signature: Evasion Paladin. It supports 28pt human.

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    Human is the one for you, for sure. Healing amp, an extra feat, and damage boost, it's no contest.

    I would recommend /2 monk as a splash onto paladin rather than /2 rogue, again for more feats. It's difficult to keep your skills up on a build that's dominated by paladin levels, and the Int doesn't do much for you otherwise. At the same time, you might be better off not splashing at all. Heavy armor means something now, so getting Evasion isn't an automatic defensive increase. As a paladin you already have good saves, you can cast Resists.

    A pure paladin could look like this:
    16 Str
    10 Dex
    14 Con
    12 Wis
    14 Cha

    1: THF and Toughness
    3: Power Attack
    6: Maximize
    9: Improved Critical: Slash
    12: Shield Mastery
    15: ITHF
    18: GTHF

    Key Enhancements
    Defender of Siberys 3 (requires Bulwark 3, Resistance 3, Unyielding Sovereignty, AC Boost 1, Courage 1, Focus 1)
    Human Improved Recovery 2+
    Extra Smite Evil 2
    Toughness 2
    Divine Sacrifice 1
    Exalted Smite 1 (key because it gives you a better attack animation)
    Extra Lay on Hands 1+
    Redemption 1 (requires Devotion 2)
    Human Versatility 1+
    Divine Righteousness

    Another thought would be to splash 2 fighter, because this saves you spending a feat on Defender of Siberys so in essence gives you 1 feat more than monk, then you could go Cleave -> Great Cleave -> Overwhelming Critical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinerd View Post
    A pure paladin could look like this:
    16 Str
    10 Dex
    14 Con
    12 Wis
    14 Cha
    Were I to roll up a pure pally I'd want at least 15 cha (including levelups, but I'd want those all on str) so that I'd at least have the possibility of DM4 with a +5 tome.

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    How much rogue and how much pally? At one end, you have pal 18 / rog 2 like EllisDee's build (my variant here); at the other, rog 13 / pal 6 / ftr or monk 1 like my Divine Swashbuckler (got a STR-based THF version of the same split floating around somewhere).
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