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    Default one in a million shot, plane through moon

    I bought a new video camera with lots of pro settings on it.
    My first night playing with it I decided to go outside and see how well it works in low light.
    At one point I decided to point the video camera towards the moon.
    The moon was really small that night too.
    I just got it in focus and exposed fairly decently (the camera has amazing zoom)..

    and a plane goes through it...perfectly through it..the plane as big as the moon.

    I don't think I will ever get a shot like that again, was rather freaked out.

    Here is the link. Use 180HD if you can.
    Plane passes through around 9 seconds in....then I added some slo mo shots of it looping a few times.
    The plane was going very fast, I live about 10 miles from an airport.
    you can see the exhaust very well on the slow mo...almost looks like it is kicking up moon dust.

    the odds of that shot are one in a million or more...

    be nice to cgi a witch or dragon instead though...

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    That's actually really cool.
    What a happy accident, indeed.

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    very cool. glad u shared it. thx

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    That is cool.
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    Great shot! You might consider uploading it to The Chive.

    They post photos and videos on various themes, and one of the themes is what they call "Perfectly-Timed Photos", and I think yours would fit in well.
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