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    Default So i hope the silence from the devs means !!!!

    A: There fixing more broken abilities and feats just in time for the update !!

    B: There trying to make the new EGH somewhat difficult on all levels especially elite ! The majority of the forumites complain how epic elite is still too easy , me included . But instead they will dumb it down even more so the 28 pnt level 20 build can solo it on epic elite !! did i mention he won't need gear either !!

    C: Hopefully feather started his revamp to make the Egh raid loot worth something in regards to whats already out there , As well as boosting the ranged portion of the black dragonscale set bonus !! " Will never happen though since feathers archer is op on epic normal and doesn't need any help !! " Ohh yeah and why don't we just ask for some relevancy to half of the side quest gear as well .

    Idk think i need to go on hiatus for a few months till something worth grinding or raiding for is back in game .

    On a side note the new egh raid was fun . But gear is what makes raids fun and repeatable for me , had a good time in there but theres nothing i want from there .

    Looking at you update 18 , And or can't wait for that bethseda key i mean beta key in the mean time !!!
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