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Nope. The DCs are set so absurdly high it's nigh impossible to sneak a quest, and then you usually still must contend with the endboss.
Not true.

More true at lower levels than higher ones. (except epics)
At level 8 you can use Greater Silence Move items.
Should have a voice of the Master before then.

Pots of Cat's Grace.. until you get +4 or higher Dex items.

Potions of Heroism.

That's a +18 to MS, even if you dumped Dex.
Sufficent for Stealthy Repo on elite. ( I think you need a 17)

That is on a character with no skill points in MS who dumped Dex. (but had to wait until level 8 to sneak through a level 4 quest. (2 but on elite... actually makes it harder than a level 4 on normal)

For many other quests a 22 MS will get you through most encounters. (although I have seen evidence that they may have raised some DCs a couple mods ago.

With GH and a +6 Dex item, most characters should be able to make use of stealth...
... if they know how.

Not saying I like how DDO does things, but just like any other thing in DDO, if you buff for it, it works.

The more I think about it, it seems to me that you could have a group of various classes that could buff themselves/each other up to a point that the whole group could make use of stealth in many quests.

Everyone bring +15 items. voice of the Master (or other Luck bonus... could use Prayer spell... with care)
+6 Dex item.
Cast GH on each other.
Cast Pass Without Trace, Camoflage, and Invisibility.
Bard skill buffs.

Take off your armor and shields.
Hopefully you are not encumbered.

and if the players know how to sneak (not easy... especially for a group)

They could theoretically sneak through most quests. (even on a Ftr with no ranks in Hide/Ms who dumped Dex)