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    Default Ranger - Shiradi or FOTW

    I am up to 12 pts in Shiradi on my AA and just made FOTW active. Although..... it doesn't look like there is a whole lot in FOTW for an Archer. Does Adrenaline work with Ranged DPS?

    I am guessing I need to go back and Max out Shiradi. Agree?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinggartk View Post
    Does Adrenaline work with Ranged DPS?

    Both are good, I personally didn't like playing a Shatardi but many do, I do love having one in my group.
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    Just twist pin into Fotw if you want CC. Only time to go shiradi is if soloing a quest in my opinion.
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    [QUOTE=kinggartk;4870201]Does Adrenaline work with Ranged DPS?[QUOTE]

    Yes and it does not break the attack chain during Many Shot. Crits on that are very tasty indeed. I typically run my ranger in the Fury ED and it has excellent 2WF enhancements (Sense Weakness) for when Many Shot is off timer.
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    On my AA, I use Shiradi in the few quests where it's best...but the vast majority of the time, I'm in FotW with Pin twisted in (along with Rejuvenation Cocoon and Enlightenment, but the last one is because I'm a monkcher - Rejuvenation Cocoon would still be nice for you, though). Basically, when you have multiple destinies capped, you go on a case-by-case basis for what will be best for the group and the quest, really.
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