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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonos View Post
    I love it when people use the the term "hard work" when it comes to a video game. Also "easy button". "Easy button" and "hard work" in relation to senseless grind is quaint and a complete lazy way to describe wanting to change the way that the arbitrary grind is set up.

    No one is asking for free XP, one still has to grind out that XP.

    TRs? Psshh sure let's talk TR. If I want to level a bard, I only need to take 3 levels of bard(holding at 18) while leveling. Hit up ye olde TP shoppe and bam!, Bard PL. (full disclosure: I have leveled a bard from 1-20 b4 and just wanted to speed through it this life. Much love to Bards). Edit: also, got ninja'd.

    Let's talk nuance and not absolutes when talking about really unnecessary xp grind in less than ideal destinies.
    Semantics. Well, according to your logic there is no "hard work" in video games .. just "senseless grinds". Then why bother playing at all if you're so above it? Hell, why don't we make it so that everyone is a completionist w/maxed out EDs just by looting 1 chest so you don't have to level at all? /sarcasm off. NEWS FLASH: You are playing an MMO (for profit btw). Grind is part of the program. It's what gives people something to do whether or not you realize it. But I digress.

    Here's a challenge for you: If grinds are as "sensless" as you claim, why don't you enlighten us with an alternative mechanism for progress and gear acquisition within an MMO? The caveat is that is has to keep people playing w/o giving away the farm in a day in order to keep the profits rolling in. I'm sure the entire MMO industry is waiting for your "idea" with eager anticipation.

    PS: Perhaps you need to reevaluate who the lazy one is, this whole thread smacks of it.
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