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    Default Your Favorite Lag Death

    I would like to share my new personal best when it comes to lag deaths. (and cheer myself up after another lag induced quest failure)

    I am handily running through the Desecrated Temple of Vol when to my dismay I am no longer able to move! A vicious pack of Shadows take this opportunity to surround me and plink away for laughable amounts of damage. I will surely be able to move loooong before they kill me. However, I grow worried when I noticed my Deathward had been stripped earlier and I was accumulating Strength Damage. But aha! I can move now! I run away to...*ding*. And there I died right next to a shrine from Strength Damage.

    You would think that a hireling who is also controlled directly by the game would not be under the influence of lag and would thus throw a Heal at me to restore lost health AND strength...but no he just stood there. And after I died he started being clobbered and asked for a heal.

    But the fun wasn't over yet! Out of disgust I just gave up on the quest and released. Curiously I noticed that I was still under the effects of Madstone Rage even after dying and releasing. Tick tick tick. Hmmmm. Timer hits zero...*ding*. I was dead again.
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    Ouch. What a mess. The lag seems to be getting worse. Oh. Aherm.

    INB4 DOOOOOOOO000000000OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Love how the madsone rage owned you again after everything, made me laugh.
    My personal favourite lag is always in eVon5 ( which happens a lot ) when half the raid gets wipped due to zombies that usually deal next to nothing dmg. Then recalling and changing the instance, ahhh, the good times...
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    My favourite lag death was when Wanzer died in Delera's pt2 after being plinked to death by archers. Well, the death wasn't so spectacular but his raging afterwards was
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    do tell more darth :P

    my current favorite is not totally only due to lag but also weird (bugged?) game mechanics.
    Abbot, two rounder, when we beat him down to make the ddoors appear again, he calls inferno only to get interrupted by reaching the point at which he ports away and the ddoors appear, cue a hickup followed by inferno stil happening and prolly all delayed inferno dmg up to then applied to you at the same time -> party wipe
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    I like when the 200 HP wonder "lags" in part 4 of Shroud and dies...because of "lag".

    Or that same toon dies in trap after trap in quests leading up to that point...and in quest after that point.
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    You know when you jump away from a bad situation(blades/traps/surrounded by mobs) and you think your going to make it ddo freezes for about a couple seconds as your jumping through the air and unfreezes "ding". Even funnier when you see it from a third person view watching a guildy do it, makes me chuckle especially with my play by play. "Oooooh get out of there!! Ohhh your going to make it!! Ding!! Ah **** lol".

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    Quote Originally Posted by SemiraLynn View Post
    You would think that a hireling who is also controlled directly by the game would not be under the influence of lag and would thus throw a Heal at me
    Unless it was just your interwebs or computer, then at least everything in your instance was effected by it.

    MY favourite lag death was in The Tomb of the Shadow Knight. I was the rogue, and there was a box right in front of a trapped door, so I pressed q and e - oh no! I was opening the door, I tried to move backwards, but oh no! Lag! The party sat in silence not knowing that I opened the door and we all wanted the lag to go away. Lag clears up, the trap goes off and everyone but me is dead.

    But the enemies on the other side of the door killed me.
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    Delera's part 4 this life.

    Lag at the starting stairs, and watching myself get hit for 0-1 points of damage from archers. Cue 5 minutes later and dead.

    Mitwo was further in the quest and listening to him rage against the machine was the only thing making the whole situation at least moderately amusing. Of note is that he died before me, so that made me feel better.

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    I'd have to say my favorite was either during a hard rainbow run (my last run that life to cap), I was walking along and took 3k points of falling damage, OR, the next day when I was running waterworks at level 4, and suffered 250 points of fall damage and having to suffer the mocking of my guildies for dying in waterworks!

    Here's some nice ones.

    My internet lagging in abbot yesterday, encased while dead (my name is red which means dead :P) Also abbot at 30% but quest completed!

    Lagg vrs shadows elite tod
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