I would like to share my new personal best when it comes to lag deaths. (and cheer myself up after another lag induced quest failure)

I am handily running through the Desecrated Temple of Vol when to my dismay I am no longer able to move! A vicious pack of Shadows take this opportunity to surround me and plink away for laughable amounts of damage. I will surely be able to move loooong before they kill me. However, I grow worried when I noticed my Deathward had been stripped earlier and I was accumulating Strength Damage. But aha! I can move now! I run away to...*ding*. And there I died right next to a shrine from Strength Damage.

You would think that a hireling who is also controlled directly by the game would not be under the influence of lag and would thus throw a Heal at me to restore lost health AND strength...but no he just stood there. And after I died he started being clobbered and asked for a heal.

But the fun wasn't over yet! Out of disgust I just gave up on the quest and released. Curiously I noticed that I was still under the effects of Madstone Rage even after dying and releasing. Tick tick tick. Hmmmm. Timer hits zero...*ding*. I was dead again.