We're a recent arrival to Eberron, but we've explored and conquered many worlds before. A strong core of us is looking to add new friends to explore this strange land with.

We are House Darkforge. I won't bore you with the details of all the other games we've played, but suffice to say, we know our way around MMOs. We have a pretty strict set of rules around being good members of our communities and making sure every one of us is having fun playing and doing the best we can. We're not minmaxers and we welcome everyone, whether your preference is roleplaying, social gaming, running content or just being an all around swell person on TeamSpeak and ingame.

If you're looking for a mature guild that gets things done and has a blast doing it, we are the guild for you. You can find us online every night exploring and leveling up on our way to the end game.

We look forward to meeting, getting to know you and welcoming you into our crazy mixed up family!

Guild Leader, House Darkforge