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    Default Mages of Mordenkainen

    This thread is for all posts related to the guild the Mages of Mordenkainen, on the Ghallanda server.

    -Pomius Granitus
    Guild leader and wizard in residence

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    Default Guild Equipment Masters

    Here is the list of our guild`s equipment masters. Seek them out to upgrade your gear. Send them gear you do not need.

    Megissa/Nadeshico for staves
    Ominos for general item deconstruction
    Gilleagan for essences and crafting
    Uberpone for bows, arrows, crossbows and bolts
    Catkam for wands
    Behorkah for potions
    Taarbilsi for all armor and clothing
    Arlest for shields
    Hrogthod for axes
    Ignatious for jewelry (rings, necklaces and trinkets)
    Alexisawn for light armor
    Irontamer for organizing low level guild parties on Korthos and in the Harbor

    Send me an in game message if you are interested in taking responsibility for an item type and becoming a guild equipment master. Let me know what item type you want to help with.


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    Post Overview of the Guild Armory

    Hi Everyone,

    as your Guild Master of Armor and Clothing I will try to keep an updated overiew of what Armor and Clothing we have readily available in the Armory.

    If you see anything you are interested in on the list, let me know by in game messaging/tell. If you have any special things you are looking for let me know and I will keep a lookout to see what we can find or make to help you along on your questing.

    The first update should be ready later today.

    - Taarbilsi

    UPDATE: 31.01.2013 - list of Armors and Clothing available added:
    Latest update of items: 8/2/2013
    +1 Half Plate of Otto's Resistable Dance
    +6 Lesser Acid Guard Robe
    +3 Fire Guard Robe
    +3 Outfit of Spell Resistance (15)
    +3 Proof Against Poison +2 Outfit of Lesser Sonic Resistance
    +3 Robe of Shadow
    +3 Robe of Wizardry II
    +3 Undead Guard Outfit
    +4 Mobile Robe
    +4 Mobile Robe of Lesser Sonic Resistance
    +4 Proof Against Poison +2 robe
    +4 Robe
    +5 Robe
    +6 Robe
    +1 Lesser Fire Guard Half Plate
    +1 Minor Lightning Guard Full Plate
    +2 Proof Against Poison +2 Full Plate of Lesser Fire Resistance
    +3 Half Plate of Owl's Wisdom
    +1 Lesser Fire Guard Leather Armor
    +1 Proof Against Poison +2 Chainmail Shirt of Lesser Sonic Resistance
    +2 Leather Armor
    2 Feycraft Leather of Greater Silent Moves
    +2 Proof Against Poison +2 Skirmish Scalemail of Lesser False Life
    +2 Proof Against Poison +2 Skirmish Scalemail of Lesser False Life
    +3 Lesser Ice Guard Skirmish Scalemail of Lesser False Life
    +3 Lesser Ice Guard Skirmish Scalemail of Lesser False Life
    +3 Twilight Feycraft Scalemail of Lesser Lightning Resistance
    +4 Light Guard Feycraft Scalemail of Power IV
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    Default Guild Jewelry Store

    Hi Everyone,

    Here is the current inventory :

    Wise +2 Necklace of Haggling +7
    Yaaryar's Magnificent Band
    Health +2 Ring
    Necklace of Protection +3
    Proof Against Poison +4 Necklace of Protection +1
    Goggles of Minute Seeing +7
    Clever +3 Ring
    Dexterous +4 Ring

    Please send a mail in-game if you need any of those...

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    Default Arcane Scroll

    ok...since people posting here let me post.
    I am in charge of arcane scrolls. i will update everytime i get some new ones in. send me a tell ingame or here and i get back to you as soonn as possible. if i am not on polegra i am usually on one of my sonic chars. just look here.

    inventory as of 2/4

    scroll of shield
    scroll of blur
    X2 sroll of false life
    scroll of nightshield
    X2 scroll of grease
    scroll of resist energy
    scroll of blindness
    scroll of eldars electric surge
    scroll of ice storm
    scroll of obscuring mist
    scroll og magic missile

    send me any unwanted scrolls to polegra and message me if you want any on my list.


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