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    Question Elite Bravery Streak Broken?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wizzy_catt View Post
    EN is a level 22 quest. Level 21+ quests have an enhanced level spread of +2 for all purposes (so you get streak up to +4 levels above the quest)
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    That's interesting, I didn't know that happened. Makes sense though.
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    Another poster mentioned the same thing in another thread and I've also personally tested it:

    This seems to happen once you run a quest/raid for the very first time after capping your epic xp. Subsequent runs on a lower difficulty will break your streak. So for example if you do CITW on elite/hard for the very first time after getting enough xp for 25, then the next run if you do it on normal it will break your streak regardless of the fact that you have an elite/hard completion. Now had you done CITW on elite/hard before you capped 25, then further runs on normal will not break streak.

    Most likely a bug, I don't see how this can be WAI but who know since no dev has commented on this issue no matter how many times it gets brought up. Either way, the only way to prevent a broken streak it seems is to streak all the quests you want on elite/hard before you get 25.

    EDIT: I just realized your post was of a different issue. yes lv21+ quests will have their streak broken by lv25s even if they're +4 levels above. This is because a couple updates ago Turbine changed the over level penalty for lv25s by raising the affective level of lv21 quests by +2 and lv20 quests by +1.
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    sounds the same for HE and HH quest. if you do 70 quest on elite, and do 1 quest on hard, everything forth from then will be a hard BB instead of Elite. or at least that is what it looks liek when you look at the BB completions, not sure if that is a bug or MAI.

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