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    ROLE-PLAY event....

    sort of

    Perhaps you have seen my posts before?
    My guild, DARKSIDE is a richly themed guild of character back stories, guild colors and guild events.

    One of those events is the monthly full-moon party.

    At these events our members show-up clad in purple and donning chaotic & deadly weapons.

    We also engage in PVP & Capture the Flag.

    Word had spread through the urban squall amongst the various districts of Stormreach that a certain Dark Elf would be hosting some sort of corrupted ceremony atop the House Deneith Spire.

    This Sicarii Darkhour and his minions use the Black Speech for their secret dealings calling themselves "Burzhai", dark folk, or DARKSIDE.

    This supposed "guild" hovers over the city in a great airship occasionally dropping into the city of Stormreach and causing some sort of chaos and mayhem.

    While mostly made up of Drow and their Warforged slaves and Half-Orcs used as fodder; all races can be corrupted and therefore all races and professions are welcome.
    It is said that one must just don the violet robes or armor of the Darkside elite to infiltrate their organization. An equipped chaos, anarchic or deadly weapon would complete the guise and allow agents of the Silver Flame to keep close watch on these "Darksiders".

    The Dark Elf Emperor keeps his minions satisfied by plying them with gold, liquor and the illicit Black Lotus. The Stormreach city guard, while knowledgeable of this criminal organization, have been afraid to act against them knowing the assassination techniques of this guild. High-Ranking officers bearing titles like The Proconsul, Triumvirate, Magistra & Praetorian are all said to be in close contact with high-ranking patrons amongst the Houses of Stormreach.

    Darkside members can be found celebrating the Full Moon in a tavern known as The Phoenix, a favorite haunt of the Emperor Darkhour himself.

    Oddly this dark guild has paladins within its ranks. It is still not known whether these paladins worship some cold dark god from the depths of the Underdark or if they are imbedded agents of the Silver Flame.

    This guild should be investigated by YOURSELF. Should you go undercover and attempt to join their ranks or should you challenge them head-on and defy whatever nefarious scheme they are planning?

    There is only one way to find out. Go to House Deneith and The Phoenix tonight during the Full Moon and find Darkside.
    There are questions that need answering.
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    Sounds cool! Thanks for posting this up.
    Have fun, and don't forget to gather for buffs!
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    Default The Gathering has BEGUN!

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