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    Default [You make the call] Upgrade or slay my DDO PC?

    My HDD is dying. Is the rest of my computer worth upgrading?

    Windows 7
    Intel core 2 quad CPU Q600 @ 2.4 GHz
    RAM 3.00 GB
    GeForce GT 220
    PSU: 300 watt max (unbranded? HP brand?)
    Mobo: It's got a single video card slot (PCIe 16 I guess?) and a bunch of USB and stuff.
    A mysterious card that has coaxial tv input and outputs.
    HDD: the kind that will be broken soon.
    (and a bunch of other stuff, case, keyboard, wifi, mouse etc.)

    Anyway I'm trying to figure out if my computer is worth saving or not. Here's my thinking so far:

    The first thing to do is buy a SSD. Since this computer only does DDO I'll just grab something small and cheap. Estimated cost $60. This would be the same enjoyable power and quality as before, but with less loading screens. I've never done this before but it seems to have two cables SATA and power. Easy enough to do with the help of the internet.

    I could upgrade to a low-power video card. For example a GeForce GT 630. The whole thing draws ~350 watts which is the same as the load I have now (according to newegg) with the GT 220. Technically that's 50 watts over budget, but it's been stable for years. Estimated cost: $70.

    Beyond that I could upgrade the PSU and get an even better video card, but I don't know what numbers to aim for. (help?)

    Ram: How the heck did I get THREE GB? I don't know what cards or slots I've got. If this is a promising area for an upgrade tell me how to get the info.

    Skyrim: If it was possible, I'd like to give Skyrim a try. I also own an XBOX, so that's the benchmark I'm aiming for: better than Xbox.

    If I don't keep the computer, I'll donate it to my parents. Then I'll need to buy all new components (including the case). I understand that $500 is a sensible amount to spend on a new DDO PC.

    Anyway, thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing about some options.
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    I suppose the logical thing to do is buy a SSD. For around $70 you could get a 120GB if you watch the deals. Try it in your computer and see how you like it, if it's still too slow you could move it to your new computer.

    If I woke up and this was my computer and I had the $$$ I would buy a new one. When I want to buy a new machine I look at this website as a budget reference.

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    The spec is actually quite nice, even the the CPU is on the older side. For DDO it will be totally fine, but you'll probably find it draws a lot of power and runs hot. Not sure about the graphics card, but a quick search of the specs let me think it's OK as well.

    I upgraded my computer last year, and kept my 5 year old graphics card, honestly the game played fine with a few lower detail settings.

    Really it comes down to are you willing to spend the cash on a new rig or not?

    big difference between $40 and $400...
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    Ive never owned a console so cant comment there.

    If your PC runs DDO fine then just get an SSD. From my experience you'll want a 120Gb as a minimum.

    I have a 120 Gig in my gaming laptop and with Win 7 and a couple of copies of DDO on it theres not much space left over (read none). I didnt realise Win7 took up so much space.

    If you have money burning a hole in your pocket then get a new machine.

    I like running at 1080 on ultra and personally would recommend you aim for that.

    Only you know how much cash you have spare though

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