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    Default Fighter Tank Build

    I wanted to make a good fighter with tons of hitpoints who could both tank and do good dps, so here it is. The Boou Build

    Class-18 fighter 2 monk- monk for evasion, balance, and feats
    Race- Half Orc- Str, and threat gen.
    Alignment- Lawful Good- A must to get monk
    Level Ups- Con for all of them

    Stats (34 point build)

    Str- 18- want some left over for other stats
    Dex- 12- needed for ac
    Con- 18
    Int- 8- for decient skills
    Wis- 10- need will saves
    Cha-6-no real reason for it


    Head- Helm of Frost
    Neck- A Tod to make a set would be good.
    Trinket- Planar Focus of Prowess- +3 str
    Cloak- Envenomed
    Belt- A Tripple Neg GS would be good
    Ring 1- Any Tod
    Ring 2- Any Tod
    Boots- Corrosion
    Gloves- Charged
    Bracers- Scorched
    Armor- Leaves of the Forest
    Googles- Some 45 hp would be nice

    (The Chrono loot here is needed, for +3 con and str, plus the extra ac and +7's)

    Weapon- and alchemical, MINII GS, Tinah Sword of the Sea, or Celestia, Brightest Star of Day are the best
    Shield- Wall of Wood

    (Planar Focus is hard to obtain, but it is very rewarding)

    You have a lot to choose from here.

    Greater Weapon Focus
    Greater Weapon Spec.
    Improved Crit. Slashing
    Shield Mastery
    Improved Shield Mastery
    Improved Shield Bash
    Weapon Focus
    Superior Wepon Focus
    Weapon Specialization

    The rest of your feats can go into toughness. (I choose to have it 5 times, gave 250 hp)


    Intimidate- max it out
    Balance- when you can't do any more Intimidate
    Tumble- just enough to be able to tumble


    Fighter Armor Class Boost 1-4
    Fighter Armor Mastery
    Fighter Critical Accuacy
    Stalwart Defender 1-3
    Fighter Weapon Spec (whatever weapon you use)
    Orcish Brute Fighter
    Orcish Fury
    Orcish Extra Action Boost
    Orcish Str 1-2
    Fighter Item Defence
    Way of the Clever Monkey
    Racial Toughness 1-2
    Improved Intimi 1-4
    Fighter Str 1-3
    Monk Wis
    Fighter Toughness 1-4

    (you should have some extra to spend of whatever)

    End Game Stats (not including buffs or ED. +2 Tomes in each place)(Ships Included)

    Con- 18+2+3+3+6+7+5=44
    Cha- 6+2+7=15


    Need to crunch out, but at lvl 20 its 90 without most of the gear.
    Endgame Predicted 110


    Same, at 20, 907 without much of the gear.
    Should have 1200+ at lvl 25

    Saves- Same Deal.

    Fort-around 40
    Reflex- around 30
    Will- around 20

    Epic Slots-

    Good Luck
    Natural Armor
    False Life

    Rest are whatever you want


    Haven't looked much into this, but undieing sentinal for sure.

    I hope that this build will help you for your next fighter tank.
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    It seems like switching to human and taking EWP Bastard Sword would dramatically increase your DPS and even see a net increase in threat, plus healing amp for much easier tanking.

    Superior Weapon Focus strikes me as a loser when you could instead get Mobility (automatically fills for your MDB) or start on the Cleave line for OC.

    I am very surprised you take Critical Accuracy over Haste Boost, and very very surprised you put level-ups in Con. Presumably you wanted Epic Toughness, but all your levels seems excessive even if you're short on tomes.

    A minor point: you only have to be Lawful to be a monk, you can be Neutral on the Good-Evil scale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palson9 View Post
    Class-18 fighter 2 monk- monk for evasion, balance, and feats
    I prefer monk-splashed paladin to monk-splashed ftr; partly for the higher saves & self-sufficiency from pally, mostly to get +10% doublestrike from Zeal - splashing a ftr costs you the capstone and is a pretty decent chunk of DPS.
    Race- Half Orc- Str, and threat gen.
    Humans & HEs are preferred for tanks these days, largely for racial heal amp and Versatility/Dmg Boost (which stacks w/ftr haste boost).
    Alignment- Lawful Good- A must to get monk
    Lawful Neutral is also an option and in some ways preferable; for one thing, it makes you immune to Unholy dmg and able to use evil-tainted gear w/out neg lvl.
    Level Ups- Con for all of them
    CON is important for a tank, but not more important than STR, IMHO.
    Armor- Leaves of the Forest
    Isn't this med armor? If so, Evasion won't work while wearing it.
    Superior Wepon Focus
    SWF adds nothing to an SD.
    Fighter Armor Class Boost 1-4
    You don't need AC Boost IV.
    Fighter Critical Accuacy
    This improves your crit confirmation, but not your crit dmg; as such it's usually unnecessary.

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    Here is imo a good tank builds for reference:

    Your build will have a hard time keeping aggro esp on epic levels.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Purkilius View Post
    Here is imo a good tank builds for reference:

    Your build will have a hard time keeping aggro esp on epic levels.
    Hehe nice to see the updated Zerjmoar build being referenced.

    I would, obviously, recommend the Zerjmoar 2.0 build. Bastard sword+THF feats gets you glancing blows with sword and board. Also Nightmare, the Fallen Moon is an amazing weapon, especially when you take into account adding Holy PG to it with unyielding sentinel. You should stay lawful good as you have to be good aligned to benefit from Holy PG in unyielding tree. Check out my build post that Purkilius linked and feel free to ask questions.

    The build you posted has more problems and errors than I can even begin to make recommendations to fix.
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