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    Default Interest in a Lottery for the Ghallanda crashes

    Since Ghallanda is crashing every three or four days, Turbine should offer Ghallandanians a LOTTERY for whoever gets closest time to the next crash time.

    Winner should be within one hour. If not, the reward rolls over to the next crash in three or four days. That means the rewards accummulate.

    Somehow, we ought to be able to turn the lemons into lemonade that the server known as Ghallanda is.

    Have some unique pet that is created for that character, such as a MOTH.
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    Monster AI tends to be a limitation of the engine - smart AIs cause more server lag. Boy am I going to get quoted on that or what.
    I survived the scary events in 2009, 2010, and 2011. 2011 did not reward those that played by the rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnderwearModel View Post
    Have some unique pet that is created for that character, such as a MOTH
    That is the best idea ever, because a moth was the origional computer bug.
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    Grease is the only party buff
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    talk about your exploits
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    DDO is not PnP. This is by design

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