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    Default Epic Items, Scarcity and the Grind

    At the risk of people hating me (and certainly some hating this post), I'd like to suggest that epic items should not drop as complete versions, but should continue to require a scroll, seal and shard grind. Now to clarify, I do not mean to say that there should be no new named items dropping in epic level quests, but that items labelled as epic (epic, in my mind, being items of surpassing power much superior to others in the game that may be similar) should require some additional effort to attain.

    I have a simple reason for this: scarcity creates value. And truly epic items should be by far the most valuable items in the game.

    For this reason I prefer the long grind for scrolls, seals and shards against getting a fully completed version. I know many will disagree for a variety of reasons.

    Some may claim that the new epic items, like those that drop in CitW, are already rare enough. To this, I will say that they are certainly rare, but when compared to the grind of older epics they are much easier to get.

    Others will say that epic items which require no grind make the game more accessible. To that, I will say that this is true, but only to a certain extent. Other items which are powerful and rare (but not to the same extent as epic items as defined above) will do the same trick for the average player, but will not take away from the awe and feeling of accomplishment given by epics that require a grind. Additionally, it makes grinding those epics superfluous and tedious, as fully complete and better epics exist.

    There will also be those that say that the new epics (CitW, for example, again) are not really complete, as they can be upgraded through a grind (heroic Commendations). To them, I will say that this is factually true and yet the power of those items even in their most basic form make other epic items seems... well, less than epic, especially when considering the grind needed to get them to epic version.

    There is a danger in reducing the scarcity of epic items. If they can be got with little effort, or even if they need some work or time to be got, then their value is much reduced and they are not epic at all, merely average. Powerful, yes, but unfortunately common.

    If the goal of epic items was to make them rare and wonderful artifacts that not everyone has, that is to make them special, then the emerging system of dropping complete versions of epic items falls utterly short of this goal. On the other hand, the hated grind, which stood between the player and their completed epic item, was really the thing that made them epic. Their scarcity was what gave them such great value, what made them rare and wonderful, what made them special.
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