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    Default Wrunt's EE Solos

    This is a thread to showcase some of my first EE completion runs of quests, as well as my best ones (if I get around to doing many). Decided to keep it within one thread rather than post multiples.

    My intentions for my solo posts in this thread: this thread will slowly change over time from "First Time Solos" for me to "Flawless Solos", with the last one being no deaths/no re-entries/minimal pot usage. My "First Time Solos" are generally a learning run, so I will often recall to shrine rather than waste my non-existent major stock (I have less than 20 total now). When my technique is refined per quest, I can do the "Flawless Run" and post that result (in place of the current one), so check back regularly.

    5/22/2013 - For all intents and purposes, this thread is currently done - I don't play enough now to solo EEs, and I don't see that changing in the near future.

    * = Finished

    Shiradi Sorc soloing:
    The Darkening Chain*
    The Underdark Chain*
    The Demonweb Chain*
    MotU Side-Quests*
    Song of Druid's Deep Chain
    High Road of Shadows Chain
    EE Soloing Video
    EE Gianthold Side-Quests*
    EE Gianthold Main Quests
    EE Devil Assault*

    Arcane Monkcher Soloing:
    General Solos
    Demonweb Chain
    EE GH Side-Quests

    Superadin (don't know what else to call it)/Melee FvS Soloing:
    Melee FvS*
    EE GH Side Quests
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