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    Quote Originally Posted by Ancient View Post
    I was doing the same thing (waiting on posting), but then I did a search for my old build post thread and when it didn't come up on search... I was concerned enough to go find it and repost it. Too much work to let it disappear. And since I'm posting, I'll dump all the thoughts I've had in the past few weeks I either wanted to post to your threads, or just ask you

    Hi def videos are a lot more difficult to upload, but it is a huge help to others that want to study what you did/learn. Your effort is appreciated.

    The 47 hp moments are always on my mind when people claim HP isn't a big deal. Perhaps the better the player the lower you can manage with HP... but no matter how good you are, there are those moments where you are going to be beat within an inch of your life... and the more life you have the more likely you still have that inch left. Your number seems to be about 200 hp lower than what it takes for me to survive...

    One question I have is if you have have explored the alpha enhancement system and if so, do you have any builds in the wings you plan to try when it goes live? I know it is early, but can't hurt to ask... you seem to always play builds I wish I had time to level and play!
    As to HD videos, I upload as high as I can personally because I hate trying to read lower-resolution videos. :P That's currently 720p, though I'll eventually do 1080p when I can get better internet (currently, uploading a 10-minute video at my current upload speed, 1.5mbps, takes ~40-45 minutes) among other things.

    As to HP, I've always felt the more HP (or other mitigation) I can get, the long as it's not a detriment to the rest of my character. I agree that people who say HP isnt'a big deal are wrong, but they're not COMPLETELY wrong...HP is important, but it's not most important. As I currently have the cleric dilly on my Paladin, I'm currently considering an LR +3 to change the 2 fighter for 1 fighter 1 artificer (gaining me full UMD and a couple other minor things at no appreciable cost), just to pick up displacement scrolls primarily to supplement my defenses. Then again, the most fun is had when things very nearly go wrong (and in EE soloing, especially as a melee, you're one mis-click away from dying pretty often).

    I'm keeping an eye on the enhancement system for my sorc, actually. I'm rather tired of the shiradi build, and looking for a way to make DI work for me again without costing me many resources to keep from re-entering. Not planning for much, though, because I'm hopeful that what we see now will change a LOT before it hits live. Once I know what we're working with for enhancements, though, I'm intending to change Wruntjunior over to DI caster...and my monkcher will likely change out of necessity.

    Also, 2 new videos are in the process of being of my sorc doing rusted blades, one of my paladin doing Trial by Fury (though it got cut short due to FRAPS malfunction).
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    Okay, I have my original account now, so can start doing more posts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WruntJunior View Post
    Okay, I have my original account now, so can start doing more posts.
    So congratulations are in order?

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