Hey folks,

I just finished a triple air ( or what I thought was a triple air ) cloak yesterday.

Sorry I don't have a screenshot but

It has the haste clicky, +1, 2, 3 exceptional dex skills and 45 hit point, but only lists Aspect of Air no Aspect II or mention of the air guard. I have tested and no proc.

Yeah I know that if I screwed up and made a fire shard for the supreme it would look like this but I clearly remember the air icon on the gem before crafting the supreme shard.

So is it possible for a green steel combine to get buggy and only partially complete the item? In a way I would rather it be a screw up on my end. At least that way I won't live in fear of another items randomly bugging out.

My main reason for making the cloak is for the 45hp and I usually make them triple earth but for this rogue I thought I would try the air.

Thanks in advance for your insights or advice.