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    Default How do I make a craftable collar?

    You make collars by putting handwraps into crafting device in Harbor. If I want a craftable collar, do I deconstruct the handwraps before turning them into collar, or do I deconstruct the collar?
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    1) You have to craft the handwraps, the way you want the collar to be crafted, in one of the crafting halls and then
    2) transform the handwraps into the collar at the trap workbench in harbor or on a guild ship. there are two different recipes for transformation, one for low level (needs 3 of each greater elemental essences) and one for higher level (needs mechanical trap parts).

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    Deconstruct the Handwraps. Craft your shards, put them on the handwraps. Then put the handwraps and the trap parts in craft station in the harbor or House C.

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