Given the snarky nature of Feather the Suns posts regarding the topic of Epic Tokens post U17 and his constant attempt to be "cute" I have a bad feeling that another "Good Ole Turbine Stick in the Eye" is coming with Update 17.

Tell us once and elfing for all what is replacing the 20 Epic Token turn-in for True Heart of Wood.

I get that you are changing the names to "Token of the 12" and "Greater Token of the 12".

Will they drop in the same locations we currently get Epic Tokens and Frags from?

Will they even be available to be used as a trade in for True Hearts of Wood?

Will True Hearts only be available through DDO Store/Astral Diamond/Shard mechanic?

Time to be frank and speak with candor because honestly at this point the misleading statements and general lack of information is unsettling and ONLY leads me believe another "Stick in the Eye Money Grab" aimed at those who enjoy TRing and doing mutliple lives is coming.

Just want to reinforce my tin-foil hat and sharpen my pitchfork (they've gotten a lot of use lately).