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    I was trying to get a group together and I was thinking that a tool to give people a better idea of what others on the server wanted to run would help reduce groups languishing a bit and encourage more LFMs.

    What if on the scroll down list of quests there was a box on the left side of each quest that you could click to indicate that you are interested in running that quest.
    On the right side there could be a number indicating the total number of people interested in running that quest.

    That way you could see what has the best chance of getting traction before you put up a LFM.

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    I could see how something like that would be useful. I suspect a lot of people would be too lazy to use it but if enough did it might be nice.
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    Nice idea.

    I like it, but the coding is huge!!! (offline will have to be taken into account, and online as well. Some sort of bot or human and that is their only job since this idea is so good it will have to be.)

    Once done the bot/human must subtract us from such said idea and make sure the quest was completed.

    This bot can and might be corrupted by devs to do other things, like watch dog us.

    This idea is nice in theory but I do not think it could work because someone or something must always moderate 24/7

    My thoughts are extreme, but real.

    I like this idea a lot but hate it. What am I missing here? What can be done in the coding to make this work?
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