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I'm glad you have the time to farm some EE loot, so to made to feel gimp because i don't have the same time or guildies willing to farm something, makes me less willing to play the game or even spend any more money for future updates, and it doesn't make me less of a player. I should be able to get the same level of gear even if its over a longer span of time, not to feel sub par because I can only get in a pug group that can do en or eh, I'm willing to farm commendations to spend for the upgrade, but I should be penalized because I don't have guild/friend depth to help me get EE loot.
Even the elite farming players are only willing to hard farm if they can't get their friends to come. This muloi tiered loot table will chase away the more casual player, because they feel gimpy when they receive subpar version of an EE item. If there's no way to get the same quality of item, then theres less reason to get the item or invest time in the game
I've never seen a EE item in the ah or offered for trade, and the en/eh versions are not worth the plat being asked for such a sub par item when a better version of the item exists
Believe it or not pretty much all quests that drop these tiered items can be solo'd, so go solo farm them.

If you want EE loot, then clearly you have the mindset of a powergamer, yet you are complaining that you are unwilling to put forth the effort to achieve these items. I'd say you just need to suck it up and try harder. Casual players SHOULD feel gimpier than elite players because they ARE, in fact, gimpier, and hard-to-get gear only plays a small part in this.