Having played both a monk and a tactics fighter I feel there is a large disparity between the 2.
I am aware that monks require ki to make their stun function but there seems to be no dificulty in getting sufficient ki every time the attack is off timer even if you are using other strikes.

I have also noticed some confusion from experienced players as to what is considered a tactical attack, what is considered a spell and what is not considered either.

Many players also feel that mele lack tactical options(especialy outside of epic destinies)

I there fore suggest some changes.

1. FEAT: stunning blow,
DC changed to 10+ (highest of STRmod/DEXmod), + 1/2 character lvl, +tactics bonus + stunning
Cool down changed to 6 seconds.

2. FEAT: improved trip,
DC changed to 10+ (highest of STRmod/DEXmod), + 1/2 character lvl, +tactics bonus + vertigo
Cool down changed to 6 seconds.
note: non improved TRIP to remain at its current formula.

3. FEAT: improved sunder,
DC changed to 10+ (highest of STRmod/DEXmod), + 1/2 character lvl, +tactics bonus + shattering
Cool down changed to 6 seconds.

4. FEAT: slicing blow,
DC changed to 10+ (highest of STRmod/DEXmod), + 1/2 character lvl, +tactics bonus + NEW 'serrated'.
Cool down changed to 6 seconds.
On failed save: applies a bleed effect to target dealing 1 con damage and bleed damage equal to d3xcharacter lvl every 2 seconds for 6 seconds, non red named enemy is also slowed. - this is not effected by spell power.
NOTE: for balance reasons of player hp vs enemy hp - players suffering from a slicing blow suffer 1 x character lvl every 2 seconds for 6 seconds.

1. frozen/turned to stone.
- using a sunder effect on any enemy that is in this condition will additionaly have a chance of shattering it. Enemy must pass a fort save vs the tactical DC or die.

2. stunned.
-stunned enemies are vulnerable(+50% damage from all sources) and immobile(may not move, may not attack, 0 dodge), in additon they are bewildered and suffer a -4 circumstance penalty to will saves. (the will save penalty applies to bosses but the vulnerable and imobile states do not)

3. tripped.
- tripped enemies are rendered prone(-25% penalty to AC) and immobile(may not move, may not attack, 0 dodge) in addition they suffer both a -4 penalty to reflex saves. (the reflex save penalty applies to bosses but the prone and immoble states do not)

4. sundered.
-sundered enemies have taken damage to their armour nand weapons, they must readjust their armour and sheild, and draw a fresh blade. they suffer -4 to damage rolls, -10% prr, -25% AC, -25% fortification for 12 seconds, additionaly they suffer -4 penalty to fortitude saves. All these effects apply fully to bosses.

5. bleeding.
-bleeding enemies take bleed damage every 2 seconds. They are also considered 'shaken' as seeing your life blood flow away is worysome. Undead, and enemies imune to fear do not suffer the shaken penalty but may still take the bleeding damage.

6. Imobile.
-imobile creatures are held in place and cannot move. any effect that forces movement such as being forced to dance by magic may still be applied but will be temporarily surpressed until the creature is no longer immobile. Immobile enemies may not move, may not attack and have their dodge reduced to 0.

7. prone.
- prone enemies are lying on the ground. They find it more difficult to defend them selves and suffer a 25% penalty to AC.

8. blind.
- blind enemies have 0 dodge, suffer a penalty of 25% to AC, a 50% misschance and 50% spell failure for spells that use material componenets.

It it my beleif that all active abilites should be categorised clearly as either.
a: spell
b: tactical ability.

The reasons for this are 2 fold.
1. it is currently unclear and confusing.
2. as lvls rise and enemy saves rise there is no way to raise the DC's of abilities that do not fit clearly into either category.

1. ALL ki strikes.
All ki strikes to be changed to tactical abilites with the sole exception of kukando(which will be a spell like ability).

2. assassinate to be changed to a tactical ability with associated weapon ability - 'assassination'. curently only available on midnight greetings.

3. All tactical abilites to be useable via mele combat or ranged combat. There is no sensible reason an archer cant perform these attacks as well.

4. All tactical abilites to trigger off hand attacks, glancing blows, doublestrike as if they were a normal attack. This is very important. A unique animation is cool but not at the expense of screwing up the ability.

5. all tactical abilites that deal damage, or class based/prestige abilities that deal damage on proc should scale with total character lvl. This notably applies to touch of death (which is barely worth using at lvl 25, and slaying arrows)

Thankyou for reading, all comments welcome.