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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoogroves View Post
    In the necro turn-ins ... Phosphor is now a heavy mace scimitar, and Coronation is a morning star khopesh. Deathnip is pretty hot still as well.
    So... u17 introduces double weapons? (went to look it up and had to comment )

    Edit: Some of the turn ins look really neat; Undead Guard (3d8) with either Improved Flase Life (bracers) or Int+4 and Cha+4 (ring)... from Necro 2 and not bad at level 7. The ML 9 Kaelth's Touch from Necro 3 has DR 5/evil... what breaks that dr? i mean, is it every little skeleton or only real Evil damage?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matuse View Post
    Being a dart hardly matters. They all fall under Imp Crit: Throwing. It has a rapier crit range with an axe crit multiplier.

    The only form that would make a difference in its performance would be if it was a Shuriken.
    take a look at the snowstar

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    Quote Originally Posted by FranOhmsford View Post
    The Goggles were changed with MotU - Glitchy yes - I Stoned a number of characters {multiple servers} and some got stuck with the old version!
    BUT not a New Change for Update 17 - Just "hopefully" fixing said change!

    And I would ask {as that page of the wiki is specifically about Update 17 items} WHY Items that haven't been tested/checked are in there at all?
    AT LEAST There should be a note next to them saying Unchecked!

    My observations were based on that list - If the list is wrong then it's not my fault!
    Goggles were partially changed with MotU (yes, glitchy, I also have both versions). But now they also gain a slot.

    As for the other stuff, when I was dumping content from Lama threads to the wiki, I found it easier to take existing loot article from the wiki and edit in the changes. Sometimes, the changes are bold. Sometimes, they are not. Yeah, sloppy I know. Things should hopefully improve when u17 is live.

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    take a look at the snowstar
    New Snowstar is definitely improved, but nowhere near the degree that the Spike is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bart_D View Post
    The ML 9 Kaelth's Touch from Necro 3 has DR 5/evil... what breaks that dr? i mean, is it every little skeleton or only real Evil damage?
    I did a fair amount of testing, results here.

    In a nutshell, DR/Evil can only be broken by some evil outsiders, and only when they melee. Nothing ranged will break it, not even archers shooting evil arrows.

    The evil outsiders that break it are mostly the powerful ones, but for some reason dretch are included in the list. The cats do not. (Bezekira, Jarilith, Rakshasa)

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    Quote Originally Posted by keveniaftw View Post
    The player that farms 'a new invasion' is definatly ceing controlled by either a mind flayer, a hag, lolth, or the peer pressure of a group of sadistic, pure evil players.

    The player that farms 'a new invasion' of its own free will, is either very stupid or does like the quest for whatever unexaplinable reason

    Farming it for belts? No, just no. If you want the belts, run ToD
    Work on New Invasion a bit. I solo it for XP on every TR on my stronger toons. First elite and first hard are both quite a bit over 1000xp/min. Repeat hard runs and a first normal are OK too but can easily be skipped.

    The only really dangerous room is the drop from the first floor to the second floor, but good reflex saves make that fine.
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    Reaver's Ring {Xorian Cypher} now has a Hvy Fort Augment on it {Which you can swap to something else if you really want to}.

    Nightforge Gorget {Relic of a Sovereign Past} has a Slot {I fit Deathblock in one of mine - Yes upped the min lvl to 12} {Still the old version on the wiki I'm afraid}

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