Hey all,

I just wanted to let you know about the exciting new changes that I've made to ddodestiny.info. There's been a bunch of under the hood enhancements, all of which lead to: shareable urls!

For instance, my wolf-form druid can be found here!

Simply make your changes, and press the "save tree" button. This will update the url to the page, as well as throw up a dialogue box for your copy-ing convenience.

As a part of this change, you may notice that when you switch between trees your changes will be saved between states. To reset a tree, simply go to that tree and press the "reset tree" button.

In addition, all of the skills have gotten a "truth" pass, I've included a link to the github repos for the data and app, and the Primal Avatar background has been changed to reflect insidious spores changes.

Thanks again for all your support, and if you notice any issues, please let me know!