I have played pen and paper many, many years. We have had a lot of fun, including playing with the people who play druids. Our role playing lead to lots of laughs and good times. One of my buddies loved shape changing into a hippopotimus in order to squish the enemies. The D&D forums ranked the druid at the top of the list for being the most power class. In pen and paper, a druid could litterally call the wild animals, animals in the numbers of the thousands, animals completely loyal to the druid. Wild empathy, handle animal and speak with animals are the three powers of pen and paper which made them the most powerful class. None of these three powers are in DDO. (Wild empathy is pathetic in DDO as compaired to pen and paper.)

In DDO and in the parties which I have experience with, druids are usually continually shape shifted, contributing to the the party members minimumly and being loners to the group. I have recieved very, very minimal buffs from them, not to mention only the cures of dire need such as when I go unconcious. This is because of the lack of animations while in shapeshifted form. I wanted the opinion of those who have an objective view. Do druids contribute less than all the other classes other than their kill count? I don't believe that; but, they do need to step up better at contributing. I believe if the entire party or raid was consisting of druids, it wouldn't be a problem. However, that is realisticly never, never the case.

Well, to my fellow druid players, try to double your efforts and become what the pen and paper game loved: someone with an active sense of humor about shape shifting and someone who brings multiple animals and hirelings to the party. I suppose the developers need to triple their efforts in this regard and give our druids access to such powers, enabling them to give what pen and paper came to feel: comfort in a druid's presence.