Well, actually I'm recruiting a few like minded people on behalf of Just Pike.
I'm building a PFS group within the guild.
So, if your a competent and capable player but due to playstyle or schedule your not really that concerned with things like xp per minute or endlessly farming stuffz.
If you get excited about great screen shots before great 1 shots
If your into exploring, dig getting all optionals and going on murder sprees
If TRing is something that may take you weeks or even months just because you like to take your time and enjoy the experience or test out new builds.
If the only reason you solo is because you can rarely find someone who plays as you do...
then JP has a spot for you.

Send an in game mail to krimsonrane and let's get it together.

Overall JP is recruiting and has a great bunch of people with regular weekly raids and plenty of zerg/xppm/farming for those who enjoy that.
If that's your thing send an in game mail to boomshaka