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    Default Please update the preset character builds

    To whom it may concern,

    The preset builds are universally recognised by anyone with any knowledge of the game as appalling:

    Most Rogues wizzies, sorcs, battle-cleric etc with no toughness;

    Spell casting FvS with Chr rather than wisdom as primary stat,

    Dynamic hand sorc with no spell pen or heighten.

    Human Tempest with Khopesh proficiency, but improved critical and weapoh focus: pierce.

    Awful hitpoints in general

    And the best: Necromancer build that does not fulfil the requirements for Palemaster.

    .......They're so bad it boggles the mind.

    And yet the new player is encouraged to use a preset path in the character generation process - customised being for advanced players. Frankly, for a lot of those builds, a new player with a blindfold waving and clicking the mouse randomly would do a better job.

    My heart sinks when I hear a party member is using a preset. Not becuase I think he won't be competent, just becuase he is investing time and pride into a lost cause. I have lost count of the number of times I have advised new players to take control of their build away from the preset path, or if they are beyond lvl 8 or so, to lesser reincarnate or reroll.

    Given that some (the minority) online gaming players can be pretty unforgiving of inexperience and prefer abuse to advice, I can well believe that DDO is losing new players. The first experience of the game, surely, has to be made positive. Yet, if one follows Turbines recommendation in generating your first character, you end up with a junk build.

    I'm not in the tin foil hat brigade that might believe this is an attempt to sell more lesser hearts of wood. I subscribe to the 'no one has paid attention to this with all the content development going on'.

    I can't imagine it is overly difficult to rebuild these pre-mades. There is no need to try to make them sophisticated, just address the glaring errors to make them competent. At least make them viable enough to get to 20 so the player can get experience and TR into something they've built themself. Then he/she can carry on with his first character, his first ddo love.

    If you need any pointers - this was a very useful topic I found when I started:

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    /signed big time

    I'm sure the players can help make the new preset builds
    That which does not kill you gives you experience points.


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