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    Question What alliance and race will you be in ESO

    Now that the Elder Scrolls Online is starting their beta, I thought I'd post this:

    If you're on board and excited to play the game (of course not everyone will be) when it is released, what alliance will you join?

    Also, what race will you pick for your first run through?

    I've always started as a Breton when I've played their games in the past, so it looks like the Daggerfall Covenant for me if I pick that race once again.

    I want a character in each of the three alliances, but I'll stick to my pattern like with Morrowind and Oblivion and Skyrim for my introduction to the game.

    Really I'm more torn than ever before. I want to see and experience it all from every alliance and race the game has for us to play.

    And this is in no way a snub to DDO. DDO has been my home for a long while now -- if I game at all.

    But c'mon! ESO looks amazing!

    Thanks all!

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    Dwarves as extinct race? No reason to play (unless this game is set before dwemer vanished).
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