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    Default Stuck in shipwreck shore

    I came back to this game after about a year and half or two year hiatus and one of my characters is stuck in shipwreck shore. when i logged him in he was sitting in front of thee entrance to the grotto, but couldnt go in without talking to jeets. Lo and behold when i went down to talk to him, talbron was blocking my path for some reason and wouldnt let me through to talk to jeets. i tried /stuck and that just sent me back to the entrance to the grotto, /death does nothing. normally i would just reroll the character, but i dont want to lose his birthday cake. i guess its been too long since i was a vip to be able to talk to a DM personally, so i submitted a bug report last week, but im still stuck. Is this something a DM would be able to fix?

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    try abandon quest and see what happens

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