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    Default Eberron 'Epic' seals/scrolls/shards - AGAIN.

    Please, please, please add a barter system where seals/shards/scrolls can be
    traded. All I'm asking for is a horizon to bad luck, not an 'easy' button. Running
    content over and over again to get a loot drop is not 'hard' or 'earning it'. It's
    boring. Please add some determinism.

    I'd suggest 3:1 as an obvious starting point.

    I've now got nearly two large ingredient bags full of shards, seals and scrolls
    that I'll never use.

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    Please, remove seal/shard/scrolls, and drop the finished epic items straight on chests. And let us trade the ones we have for one epic token each.
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    I like the seal/shard/scroll system.

    I hate it that everything but scrolls are bound- because I've done the same thing as the OP... I've ran the same dungeon more times than I count, often with a full group, and can't get the seal I want. It isn't fun; it doesn't make me spend more money on the game, in fact, I quit the game for several months from frustration. The quest has long since stopped being fun.

    I like the OP's suggestion, but if that doesn't fly, how about making everything trade-able in the AH?

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    yess.... if not completely unbound and tradeable then shards and seals should be at least exchangeable at lahar same as scrolls, and not only for one pack but for all packs useing this system of epic crafting
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    An alternate idea for this is to give us a decent % chance of the seal/shard/scroll dropping as quest completion rewards.

    Maybe even a full reward list after so many completions ??

    /signed on the idea of giving players a little less grind for the older grandfathered epic loot system, in whatever form the dev's want to take it. Please?
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