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    Default Need help making up my mind with a GS leveling stick

    Got some Sorc lives ahead on one of my characters.

    I need to build a caster stick, one handed. She has one that is Holy / CHA +1 / CHA +2 that works. Sadly, this isn't an implement and she'd have to dual-wield caster sticks for the implement bonus ... and I really think I want a shield option (or maybe even use a Fanion a large chunk of the time). I don't want to lose out on the CHA +2 though; the +1 I can slot w/ the madness trinket.

    So, I want to make a caster stick that fits this ... +2 CHA and some sort of spell power.

    Probably a mace, dagger, sickle or morningstar - that bit is irrelevant. Maybe I'll go with a scimmie or something crazy. Whatever. I suspect a thrower won't work (anyone checked if throwers get an implement bonus?)

    So ... options ... given the +2 CHA is set. Other facts
    - Will be human
    - Have CHA +1 in another slot, so building that in is redundant
    - Have plenty of electric spell power on Bracers of Wind, etc. so that'd be redundant

    T3: CHA 2

    This leads to the following T3 effect options: Lightning Stike, Disruption, Air Guard, Freezing Ice, Trap the Soul. Trap the Soul seems nifty, not sure Freezing Ice is the right path but could be fun.

    Disruption Options:
    T1 Devotion, T2 20% amp ... more castery option
    T1 Holy, T2 Devotion ... a more smacky option, possibly useful later on cleric/fvs lives

    Trap the Soul Options:
    Some combination of Nullification + either Shock or Elec Absorb ... as this is a caster, I'd probably lean towards the absorb ... either way, I doubt I'd be swinging this much.

    Lightning Strike Options:
    Shock / Devotion ... like the weakest Lit2
    Holy / Magnetism; some re-use, but duplication of Magnetism
    Can also swap in Amp or Absorb instead of the above
    ... these look like a poor option to me as I'm going to EITHER have Amp or good damage and not both, meaning this is an expensive short-timer

    Air Guard:
    Magnetism / Absorb or Shock ... cheap but with some redundancy

    Freezing Ice:
    Looks like not great options either, like trap the soul but not as useful

    As my plan is to pair this with the Bracers of Wind, I'm not going to wear my Leviks, so the amp is appealing. I'm leaning towards
    - Lit2 Holy / Magnetism and just eating the duplicate spell power ... but a dual shard
    - Pos3 Disruption Devotion / Amp
    - Pos3 Disruption Holy / devotion and maybe having another long-term 3xPos

    Ghallanda - now with fewer alts and more ghostbane

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    I'd do this:

    +2 Cha
    20% healing amp
    Concordant Opposition (stacks with accessory concop)
    +6 wisdom, +10 haggle & diplomacy

    EDIT: I don't know why I picked morningstar. For an arcane caster stick I personally go with daggers.

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    I totally didn't see ConOp on the planner, probably because on the one I use (same one you do) it is in a different section and I just glossed right over it.

    Ghallanda - now with fewer alts and more ghostbane

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