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    Default Can't find information...

    Ok, so ive been trying for a while to find an answer to my question and its just slightly getting annoying.

    See i want to undelete a character i had some time ago, i dont quite know when i deleted him but i remember lvl, name, race, class etc. BUT since i deleted the character ive made new characters with the same name, alot of times.

    I want to know if its possible, to undelete the character and get back the one i want and NOT get a random toon i deleted also witht he same name.

    I understand if i be specific in filling out the character undelete ticket there is a chance ill get what im looking for but i'd like some confirmation before i go ahead and spend money on this.

    I've tried calling the 855 WBGAMES number, but being in Ireland, the offices are open while im working so before i go to work and when i get home, theres no answer no point leaving a voicemail because i cant be contacted within those hours but thats not anybodys fault just suckish coincidence lol

    I've undeleted a decent number of characters, i get bored of them delete and undelete from time to time and i just want to be certain ill be getting what i want to pay for.

    If theres anyway anyone can give me some info on this matter it would be extremely appreciated, but PLEASE for the love of the last of my nerves.... don't refer me to the support page or ask me to fill out a ticket.... im sick of the only email or message in game i recieve is fill in a ticket... because the information i seek isn't provided there.

    I've waited months for this i can wait a little longer but ill check back to this post every day with a small bit of hope
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    It's not. You can only undelete the most recent toon with a name, since you used the same name on other toons that particular one you want from way back is permanently gone.
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