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Thread: Geeky Plan 2013

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    Default Geeky Plan 2013

    Geeky plan for success in 2013: Work with the relentlessness of a dwarf and the patience of an elf. Give attention to detail like a gnome. Have the versatility of a human. Stand up for myself like a barbarian. Study like a wizard. Enjoy life like a pixie and hoard my money like a dragon.
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    Love it!
    Have fun, and don't forget to gather for buffs!
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    Hi Fui!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SableShadow View Post

    Hi Fui!
    he ain't plasticy enough to be half elf.

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    What I think is OP is anyone who uses implemented game mechanics, standard game features, or their own skill to be more effective in quests then I am - so I then find the time to post complaints about their use of implemented game mechanics, standard game features, or their own skill thus making me OP on the forums.
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    Great plan! +1
    There is no free lunch.

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    Default well said


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