I've made a guild for EU players only. But that's not what my guild does overall.
As a newly created guild, I am needing in Officer's I can trust and get awesomely along with well & help me make this a semi big EU guild.

I hope to make this a successful and worth the make for all the EU players who are playing DDO right now! Even if it becomes a small guild & able to do raids, we will progress and hope for EU players to join us soon.

As said before, I am looking for you to be my officer's of my guild and help me progress to be successful and get a nice raid team & a nice guild to social with.


- 18+ or older
- Be active
- Must be a EU player
- No bad language or immature language.
- Don't make the guild look bad in any chat!

What does EU GreyWarden do as a guild?
We do dungeons to help each other level up & get into raids, even if we never done it before, it will be a awesome experience! (Raids will happen laters when we have a decent team & right level.)

Do you ONLY accept EU players & active ones?
We try to keep active players on & for EU players, yes, we only accept EU players.

Do you accept new players or experienced players?
Of course! We would like to get advice from the experienced players as well as gaining new players to DDO.

Do you have a guild site to keep events in-mind and random chats?
Not yet. I am going to make one once we have more members into the guild.

To contact me in-game, /tell Finrodd and we will chat from there.

Hope to see you soon!