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    Default Spell "Combining"

    Okay Dev's if your reading this one, I know it would take a LOT of work but I think it would amplify the game a lot

    give anyone with access to spells a feat for spell synergy. When you use Spell Synergy you put two PREPARED SPELLS into it, and it comes out with a spell that is kind of like a combo of the two. Some spells wont have a synergy between others (for example maybe fireball + otilukes) but others could be really powerful (Wall of Fire + Firestorm) And others could maybe be bad for you and your party as well (Summon Monster IX + Greater Dispel Magic thus releasing it from captivity)
    Not going to ask you for anything specific, and to balance it make it require a THIRD spell slot for wizards, clerics, artificers, and druids, but for FVS and sorc (because they can't do it like that) it would have to be done differently, I have no idea how you would do it.

    With Meta Magics and DC's: DC's it uses the lowest DC spell used unless heightened then it goes from that spell for spell point cost (so if you throw a hypnotism on your hold monster then it is heightened as a lvl 1 spell but uses the higher lvl spell slot for your third) For empower/max/enlarge/ect you could make it charge: spell1 + spell2 + synergy + metamagic*1.5 + heighten (from lowest lvl spell) or use some different kind of math that would be hard for someone like me to comprehend.

    How would this benefit the player? Okay I took Symbol of Death and synergized it with Heal. Now its a Symbol of Healing (or maybe it could be a symbol of Undeath)
    Blade Barrier + Flame Turret could be a barrier of blades that spews out fire? like i said would be up to Dev's to figure it out, and if you want to help them out (if they chose it) put spell combo idea's down here ^_^
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    Thanks for the report and Whoa.
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    This is talked about a ton, and nothing is concrete at this point. Enter bugs with examples. Tons and tons of bugs. Make Gazebo cry.

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    I like your idea for the fun of it, but I can see it really just putting more weights on the side of casters and upsetting balance sooo much more.
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    *combos Ennervation with Destruction*

    *breaks the game*

    Interesting, but /not signed.
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    someone's been playing Magicka
    PS: Greensteel RUINED the game! and you all know it!
    less buffing, more nerfing!!!
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    Yeah this'd just make it too easy to spellspam, you're essentially doubling your casting rate. Imagine a sorc with Quicken, being able to spam A, B, A+B ad nauseum. Imagine a healer combining Heal with Mass Heal, plus the'd just spam it on the tank, and instant god-mode party. Cloudkill + PWS = AoE unsavable stun with a recurring death check? Not very likely

    Plus, the devs would have to code "synergies" for every possible combination of spells they wanted to support. Thats a whole lot of synergies to design and implement.....

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    I really like this idea and gave a +1, however I agree with the others -- it's too much of an easy button and too many combos involved.

    Still, I wouldn't mind seeing something like this available for epic levels. Maybe allow only certain spells to combine, and have this listed in a new spell tree for casters. Maybe 10 combos per caster class.

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    spell shaping
    feat prerequisition: 40 ranks in concentration

    grants: you can reshape a spell with aoe into another and can place a 5x5 safe zone within the spell(you choose where the 5x5 is)

    aoe shapes:

    cone- red dragon's fire breath
    line- blue dragon's lightning breath
    burst aoe- fireball
    aoe- blade barrier

    then again... this is what we aim to get in out pnp campaigns

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    great idea... but unfortunately its gona end up too powerful.

    I love spell combos tho, and frankly id like to see more interaction of magics - and mele abilities.

    SO I will counter your suggestion with my own.

    interacting spells/abilities.

    1. any frozen/stoned mob.
    sunder, stun or trip effects cause a save or die effect at the meles tactics DC.

    2. water based spells (eg quench).
    cause a penalty(- resist and short term %vulnerability) to both cold and lightning.

    3. fire spells to burn stuff and actualy set things on fire for a DOT effect when combined with grease.

    4. Fogs/sleetstorm/storm of vengence to grant a bonus spell power to called lightning.

    5. (mele)Stunned enemies to get penalty to will saves.

    6. (mele) tripped enemies to get penalty to reflex saves.

    7. (mele) sundered enemies to get penalty to fort saves - this already occurs of course with imp sunder.
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