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    So I wanted to check out lamma for the new update. I have lamma downloaded and updated, I also used the lama services for MOTU also and had no problems. However this is the msg i am getting now if there is any 1 with any ideas on how to fix this let me know my attempts to submit a ticket have gotten me nothing.

    this is the message i get when attempting to go to the lama character copy page. Yes i am logged in when i go there

    Bain-Deathtouch, you’ve attempted to perform an action that your account does not have permissions for. This could be due to one of several reasons:

    Remember, anyone may read the forums but Free accounts have restricted posting permissions outside the Free Player Forums. Premium and VIP players do not have these restrictions.
    The thread or post may no longer be accessible to non-administrators
    Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features, or some other privileged system? You may not have sufficient privileges to perform those actions.

    would love to know if any 1 else is getting this same message.

    thanks GITH
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    I haven't had any issues for a while, but the last time I was, I had to do some weird stuff to get things to recognize me.

    I think it was...

    Go to the page.
    Refresh the page.
    Login while on the page.

    A different time, I'd have to go to the page. Navigate away from the page, and hit the back button on my browser. And it would recognize me then.
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