Greetings to all! I Prince & Grandmaster of The Knights of the Templar; Adaunte Flowingwater, do hereby decree in this year of our lord, my royal militia is recruiting brave and willing souls! One of my officers or I personally will knight those who qualify. To enlist you may apply by way of the Orien mail service or directly through the small crystal ball attached below. Of course Knighthood is not for everyone. Only those who are willing to meet the requirements of the following screening process should consider enlistment:

-(Role Playing Guild) = Using your imagination as main priority of play and acting out your character (toon) as if in a movie.
- Obededience = Only those willing and enthusiastic about making they're priorities to serve the royal army on every command.
-Loyalty (All or nothing policy) = Only those willing to fully dedicate themselves to the order are worthy (Every toon must join without exception).
No "loose ends" can be allowed in the royal plans. That is considered treason.
Age requirement = Must be 18 years old or older. Only those with maturity can be trained for Combat as the Elite.
Report - Must report to myself or a commanding officer upon arrival (Logging on) and dismissal (Logging off) as well as when appropriate according to orders.
Chivalry = Full Respect is required by all recruits at all times. I care for my knights and expect my knights to care for each other as a family. Do NOT bother applying for enlistment if your intentions are of treason against the throne as you will be marked, monitered, and dealt with appropriately according to my sentancing or that of the King's.

The benefits of this guild are worth the sacrifices! Contact me for further screening. ~ Prince & Grandmaster of "The Knights of the Templar" ~ Adaunte Flowingwater.