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    Default Shiradi as PM

    My PM wizard has unlocked shiradi champion, and I want to take a break from mind-numbing ED farm now and run some quests for loot while still getting XP/destiny levels for fate points. Its not ideal compared to my main destiny, draconic, but should be strong enough to tackle EH at a decent speed.

    -which spells should I slot to get the max out of the shiradi procs? I slotted magic missile and chain missile already and put my wiz PL back on hotbar so far, I usually have meteor swarm slotted for cold immunes.

    -how should I spend my AP? prism stance+rainbow seems to be the way to go, fey form is a no-brainer, and nerve venom looks interesting on paper. Since im not ranged and dont get healed from positive energy, many other options dont work for me. I might get healing spring for party members, though, since dex or wis arent really interesting either.

    -Is there any special gear/twist interesting for a shiradi? I dont even have an impulse item, only potency from the lvl 24 dragon cloak.

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    Make sure you use both death auras, not just the stronger one. Other persistent AoEs like Ice Storm are cool too. You can get lots of shiradi procs on those, since each tic has its own separate chance. All DoT effects are like this, so spells like Black Dragon Bolt are nice to have too.

    My favored soul arcane archer hits a lot with nerve venom, and I probably can't spam ranged attacks as fast as someone with chain+magic+force missiles, double death auras, etc.

    I've heard that any offensive spells can trigger shiradi procs, even if they aren't damaging, so you can keep up the CC.

    If you do get some good force spell power and 3 spare points for Wild Shots, it's pretty nice. While it ironically doesn't proc anything else from shiradi, I can still get 500-800 damage on that favored soul, as a type that basically nothing resists, and it's an AoE.

    The only other arcane spells I can think of that hit more than once are Frost Lance, Scorching Ray and 50% of the time, Lightning Bolt.

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