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    Default WTS list!

    well... this is what i got to sell

    +4 int tome
    +4 wis tome
    Weapons +6:
    +6 Magnetism Scepter of Evocation Mastery ( magnetisem +120 SP & 3 evocation DC & Metamegic Maximize 4)
    +6 Reconstruction Scepter of Enchantment Mastery' (Reconstrucion +120 SP & 3 Enchantemnt DC & Spell penetraion +2 level 9 spells and bellow)
    +6 Impulse Scepter of Evocation Mastery ( impulse +120 SP & 3 Evocation DC & Metamegic Maximize 4)
    Epic Elite Items:
    Forgotten Light
    Shadow Mail - Magnetisem
    Wizard Ward - Impulse/Ice
    Roadwach bow
    Epic Hard Items:
    Forgotten Light
    Treeds Of Falling Shadow
    Chrono Scrolls :
    Shroud Ingredients:
    Got all! Large/Medium/Small
    I willing to farm Any EE item in game for u if u have a good offer. it can take some days to get the item if u would like to make an order just say the item u want in PM in game/forum
    I looking for PLAT only!
    make contact in game/forum
    game: Jurgimp/Jrg/Littlenooob
    I'll update this theard whenever there is somthing new.
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