The starts of pvp were before my time but they were never quite capitalized upon. I would like to thank turbine for some of their concept areas that are in our game that have ended up in a dead area of our current game. The lobster always seems to be a popular area with people but what i personally like is the challenge system. I recently really started to play around with the system earlier with some friends and I was largely impressed with both of the capture the flag arenas. The sands was very interesting and reminiscent of first person shooter maps with several levels, and the other capture the flag arena was very interesting with the mechanics involved. Air jets bridges ladders everywhere and enough levels to make ranged interesting in the area. Unfortunately most people will never look into these areas, personally this was my first close look at these areas and first time in them in years.

By no means are these something i would call finished, there are stills some integral problems with some of the mechanics in these arenas but not large ones really. The random spawn mechanic that is in place with the death match fights is not employed in these areas intentional or not, but having the same spot can lead to camping and very unfair and unfun gameplay.

Overall though these were very interesting concepts that should very much be continued to be expanded on. I would love to see more mechanics used in these challenges such as sneak and spot for sneaky schenanigins with rogues and what have you. More maps and more expansive maps would be a huge addition to these, I love the two capture the flag maps but the death match ones are lacking honestly. They are too small and lack multiple expansive levels to make any kind of tactics viable other than the kill on sight strategy.

Thank you very much to the people who came up with these at turbine and i hope to see more of these types of things in the future at some point.