Hey DDO worker bees and higher...

Is it possible to add a potion vendor option on Sully Van Grog the ship BarKeep, I mean he buys, fixs, sells and will even sell your stuff back if you catch him in time.

All he needs to stock is the the basic's:

Potion of Cure Serious Wounds
Oil of Serious Repair
Potion of Curse Removal
Potion of Disease Removal
Potion of Posion Neautralization

Your probably shaking your heads why? We have them all over Storm Reach. My response:

The potions Sully Van Grog Sells come in Six Packs , Cost a little more but they last a little longer, they cant be sold or traded... aka - Bound to Character. To prevent hoarding, a very common practice in the game world, they will dissapear upon logging out just like the bolts Conjured up by the Artificer or Arrows by the Arcane Archer.

You might say the potions are DDO Economic Friendly, others might think its pretty much Use or Lose .

Just a thought, Keep the game Alive...